Pipeline designer

For tasks, which you cannot find here, please contact me directly.

With this tool you can define your tasks and evaluate the costs for your analysis.

Please choose first the method for which you need an analysis.
Then you can add tasks and programs from a drop-down menu to define, how the analysis should be done.
At the end, you can calculate the estimated costs and contact me.

If you miss a certain program or task, you can also define an individual task, where you describe your needs and wishes.

If you decide to contact me, I will give you a quotation based on this estimate and we will specify your needs and clarify open questions.

This tool is just an informative platform and is fully free of use.
Its output is noncommital and without legal capacity.

The output of this tool will be examined by me carefully and corrected if necessary in case the user gets in contact to me.

No personal data will be saved. The email-function depends on the mailclient of the user.
The created pipeline files will be saved on the server without any personal data.
They will be deleted after 30 days, in case no contact is anticipated.