Bioinformatic tools online

At, you will be able to perform your own bioinformatic analyses in an easy-to-use web interface.

Included methods (so far):

FastQC, Trimmomatic, Hisat2, Samtools, Picard, featureCounts, DESeq2/DESeq/EdgeR, Stringtie, Ballgown

Amplicon-sequencing analysis of paired-end reads:
Read connection, Global Alignment, Visualisation, Result merging, Oligo search

There will come much more methods in the future (e.g. ChipSeq, AtacSeq and others). You can also suggest programs which you want to use.

Please see the following youtube-video to get an overview on the program

You can also see the videos on the different tools and how to use them:

FastQC, Trimmomatic, HiSat2, Samtools, Picard, FeatureCounts, DESeq, DEseq2, EdgeR and StringTie

Initial pipeline, Result merging, Oligo search

Visualisation and Data interpretation:
Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Venn Diagrams

Please contact me if you want to use this program in your research. I can also add further methods, if they are necessary for you.