With Bioinformatics.Expert I want to support you with two kinds of services to help you accelerate your research:

  • I can help you to solve bioinformatic questions with a
    temporary collaboration

  • I can analyze your
    high-throughput datasets.

  • I can give you access to
    “Bioinformatic tools online”
    at Here, you can analyze your datasets by yourself with an easy-to-use web interface.

The idea is to open you the possibility of accessing large datasets without the need to gain bioinformatic expertise or infrastructure.

(By the way: You can pay with third-party funding)

Please contact me to get a quotation for your personal needs.

Temporary collaboration and bioinformatic support

Bioinformatics.Expert can offer you data analysis from scratch. This means I offer you a fully flexible workflow based on your wishes.

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Design of work packages based on your needs
(You decide what to do!)

In extensive communications, we will develop a workpackage together to address your scientific questions and problems.

Optimization and additional input
(I can support you with my own ideas!)

My background in biology might help me to provide you additional ideas and input to supplement your work.

(You only pay for the work, I do!)

To reach your aims, you do not need to hire a full bioinformatician for a prolonged period of time. I will support you as long as you need and no additional costs will emerge after the project.

Analysis of high-throughput data.

Bioinformatics.Expert can give you support to analyze large datasets which come from high-throughput methods like Next-generation sequencing, like RNA-seq, ATAC-seq or ChIP-seq or Array-based methods like SNP-arrays or DNA methylation arrays.

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High flexibility
(You decide on the procedure!):

I can adapt the analysis pipeline to your need. I use the algorithms and programs which you specifically request or apply just one of my pre-defined state-of the art pipelines. You can also specify, if I should use the latest program versions or if you prefer older releases e.g. to make your results more comparable to already published data.

Full Cost control
(No hidden fees!):

After the pipeline and specifications were defined, analysis will be performed within a few working days. The exact working plan will be provided prior the analysis.

Contact me directly for a quote.

(Your analysis will create always the same results!):

Results of bioinformatic analyses depend on the used analysis programs or even on the program versions (Find out more…). This might change the biological interpretation of data which was analyzed in expired projects. To guarantee reproducibility of future analyses, I offer you to archive your analysis pipelines with the today’s specifications. You will be able apply new datasets to the same analysis procedure in the future.

Bioinformatic tools online

Bioinformatics.Expert can give you access to a program, with which you are able to do bioinformatic data analysis on a webpage right away without programming knowledge or access to special computer setups

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Compliance with state of the art academic programs

“Bioinformatic tools online” includes programs which you know from highly cited scientific publications. That means, you will be able to mimic bioinformatic analyses from your favorite paper easily (e.g. RNAseq: Hisat2, DESeq2, featureCounts, StringTie etc)


The programs are provided in various program versions, that means you will be able to run your analysis also with older program versions which you might have used in earlier analyses

Various bioinformatic topics

Different analyses can be performed, e.g. RNAseq. ChipSeq, ATAC-seq and others will come in future releases. I can also add programs which you directly need for your analysis. Just contact me.

For further information contact me and/or visit Online Analyses