My aim is to offer bioinformatic analyses to an affordable price in a reasonable time. So you do not need to worry about bioinformatic infrastructure or personal to get your data analyzed. 

1. Free projects

I offer bioinformatic analysis from scratch, which means a fully flexible workflow based on your wishes. For this kind of analysis, I will work on an hourly basis. The schedule depends fully on the necessary workload and will be adjusted to your needs.

2. Analysis pipelines for high throughput data

If you have a large dataset coming from NGS- or other data sources, I can help you to analyse those based on standard protocols. You can choose for the pipeline specifications, which means the bioinformatic tools, which you want to include in the analysis and also the program versions. This kind of analysis will mostly be charged per sample.

You can design your pipeline and get also a first estimate on the analysis costs by visiting the pipeline designer

Please contact me to get a quotation for your personal analysis.